Sometimes the best gift is staying away

Sara writes with such beautiful, poignant honesty. This may be my favorite piece of hers, but I’ve said that before. There are so many I love, as I admire her so much as well. This reminds me that those I love may feel very much the same sometimes… and I can do better to let them know I am not judging, just loving. When it come to HD, as with so many things in life, we all do our best, and (I believe) rarely mean to hurt each other. But we do. So, we say sorry; we say I love you; we try to do better tomorrow. Sarah says it so much better than I could.

Huntington's Disease and Me

When you want to celebrate achievements of another and you love parties and people, it is gutting to learn that your presence at such events is a source of stress for your loved one instead of a celebration of a shared life experience.

When the potential for happiness is overshadowed by fear of what I may say and what I may do, it makes me feel inhuman and unloved.

When I haven’t even said or done anything wrong but need to be tucked away to preserve future relationships with more important people, I feel like I must hide in the asylum. I was invited by another party goer and gave my loved one the gift of “no”.

I will hide in the opera house for you if it makes your happiness complete and your transition smoother. Just realize please that I don’t belong there. I don’t want to be hidden…

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