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Truth Roars Like A Lion

*This is simultaneously posted here and on my other blog, Tales From the Motherland. (Baby steps, friends. Exactly 2 months ago today, I wrote my first new blog post in ages. Then I recoiled. This started as a draft… nine … Continue reading

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In Honor of Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month: a new book about love, fear, and living with HD

I don’t post on this blog enough; anyone who follows here, knows that. As I’ve noted in the past, fear keeps me away. If I hide my eyes, maybe it will go away? It, being Huntington’s Disease. Anyone living with Huntington’s … Continue reading

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I Flinch

I’ve done a true disservice to this blog, to this topic, to readers, and to my own internal world, by avoiding writing about the realities of living with HD in our family. I started this blog to shine a light … Continue reading

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Un-Edited Thoughts From Christmas Day, 2015

Is it a wonder that I rarely write at this blog? I think about HD every single day, but I don’t want to think too hard. A friend recently sent me a note and told me she’d read Lisa Genova’s … Continue reading

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I know this road. I’ve been here before. Some of the twists, the turns, and the road signs are different, but I know where I am. Hell. This is hell, and I know that we’re not even at the worst … Continue reading

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