Some Drunk Thoughts… Does This Mean I Have a Problem?

Because with HD, it just continues…


Warning:  KQM/KPM and RM- Don’t read this one. Just don’t.

Drunk is probably an exaggertion, but don’t send me any comments about typos or things that don’t add up. I’ve had just enough to not care… and tomorrow, when I do care, I’d prefer not to know, and don’t intend to edit. A stream of consciousness? More alcohol to bring up stuff I’d rather keep down? You may recall that I’ve done this before (read tht post here) on another tough day. Does this mean I have a problem? Possibly.

Today was Mom’s birthday, the first since she died in December,  and it was a very strange day all around. I went down to a fundraiser walk for Huntington’s Disease, the bitch disease that killed my Mom, my 49 year old aunt and my grandmotehr. I went because it’s Mom’s birthday and my sister was participating, so it seemed like…

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